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What Is MEngage?

Ans. MEngage is a white label application builder and mass consumer engagement tool. It allows you to build customised apps with zero technical knowledge. It grants you the power to engage your customers, build your own brand and track the business growth. It is a cost effective tool that would give you wings to fly. It offers a professional environment to run your business without hindering your privacy and personal networks.

How can It help my business?

Ans. It can help your business in a number of ways and the most prominent being:
a. Helps in building a business app with zero coding knowledge
b. Provides you a formal space to run your business
c. Helps in communicating information effectively without any loss
d. Helps in creating interest-centric groups for efficient communication
e. Aids in engaging your users
f. Saves cost of a developer, a designer and a marketing team

What is Channel?

Ans. It can be referred as a group, which a user or a business owner can create in order to keep users engaged. You can create as many channels as you like depending on the interests.

What is Difference in public and private channel?

Ans. Public channels can be accessed by anyone using the app while the private ones are limited to a particular section of the audience. Private channels are created by the owner of the app and he/she may add unlimited members to a particular channel. Interest-specific channels can be created in order to engage users.

Is it Compulsory to have mobile app on my customer phone to communicate?

Ans. No. A user can get information without having the app loaded in his/her smartphone. The information will be transmitted via text message to the user without any loss so that the communication can be carried out in a flawless manner.

What kind of Message "I can Send" ?

Ans. You can send messages related to an offer, business announcement, release of a new collection, new updates regarding your business or industry trends and anything else which you can think of can be transmitted.

How can I upload my customer data ?

Ans. You'll get an admin panel to add, modify and update data of your app.

How much time will take to get my app?

Ans. The process involves three simple steps, select a theme, fill required data and publish. Once these steps are done your app will be ready for publish on different application stores. While, Apple review your app before making it live on the store, Android will get things started straight away.

Can I Access my app through web panel?

Ans. Yes, you will be provided a web panel to access your app.

Can I Upgrade my Plan?

Ans. Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime you wish to. You can check our plans at our website, click here

MEngage is a mass consumer engagement application for both Android and IOS .It will help in communication the target audience. It is a team of wide variety of technology individuals, Startup Entrepreneur's and Co-founders. The organization believes in building never-ending relationships with customers by sharing professional and ethical values.

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